Kokoro Health runs regular meditation classes for anyone seeking a sense of rest, relaxation, enlightenment and self-discovery.

Meditation isn’t just about a moment of calm and quiet, it can result in many mind and body benefits including rewiring your brain’s patterns, therefore reducing stress, managing anxiety, increasing optimism, awareness of self, improving self-esteem and enhancing sleep.

We offer Individual guided classes where the meditation practice can be tailored to your specific need. This is for anyone who is looking to address a certain issue or situation with a unique guided experience, or for anyone who prefers the 1:1 service over a group setting. Individual guidance is offered in our tranquil and nurturing space located in Torquay and can be booked by emailing Kelley at [email protected]

The group guided classes will provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a variety of meditation methods, music and experiences, including event collaborations with a number of different practitioners. Some of the meditation techniques offered include relaxation, chakra balancing, mindfulness, compassion, and insight meditation. Group classes will be offered at different times throughout the year and will take place at various locations across the Geelong and Surfcoast Region.

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Kokoro Health is a unique wellness clinic where qualified psychology meets holistic wellbeing for a balanced, emotionally healthy mind.

We want you to gain a toolkit of practical and actionable solutions, to feel empowered in your intentions, choices, and decisions to give you back a sense of control in your life.

We’re here to help you achieve a positive mind and body balance through a custom combination of clinical counselling and wellness methodologies.

Whether you’re seeking personal counselling, looking to explore alternative wellness therapies or simply want a sanctuary for mindfulness and meditation, you’re welcome in our healing spaces in Geelong and Torquay.

For your convenience, we offer sessions in person or through telehealth conferencing.

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