Our philosophy

Our name, Kokoro, is a Japanese term that conceptually unites the notions of heart, mind and spirit.

Instead of considering these as separate entities, Kokoro fuses them as a singular power.

While the worlds of clinical, scientific psychology and holistic wellness have often been at odds, we believe that true health is about the integration of these.


How we help

In our first session, we will establish the main concerns and issues that have brought you to see me.

We will determine what your goals are for therapy and what you wish to gain from the sessions.

Although I use certain practices such as talk therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), somatic body-based practices, schema therapy, and emotional freedom technique (Tapping), each client is different. We take an individually tailored approach depending on your issue, background, context and changes you are wanting to make.

I employ experiential practices in session, and ensure clients have something (a tool, strategy, practice) to take away from the session and implement into their life.