Learn how to tap into your innate nurturing energy, activate the sense of serenity and flow, and re-connect with your state of wellbeing — all within your busy, bustling schedule.

This is for the mothers who ….

Feel like the last few days, weeks or even months, have been a continuous rush and feeling of busyness.

Find it difficult to slow down and switch your mind off all the tasks that you need to get done.

Feel exhausted, inundated, and stretched thin.

Contrary to popular belief, learning to integrate a sense of balance in your day isn’t about stopping what you’re doing but rather finding harmony in the midst of your commitments and responsibilities.

Imagine if…

Instead of going through your day entirely on autopilot from the moment you open your eyes to the moment your head hits the pillow…

You were able to stay mindfully present and easily focused, navigating even the most stressful parts of your day with a sense of ease, calm, and flow without feeling constantly triggered, scattered, or overwhelmed…

… or – worse yet – reacting out of frustration only to regret your actions moments later triggering the never-ending cycle of nervous system dysregulation and (mum) guilt…

The good news is that all of this is possible when you know how to notice, identify, and purposefully shift from a state of relentless urgency and nervous system activation, into the innately grounding energy of stability and flow.


Introducing ‘Reset Remedy for the Busy Mum Mode’

A guided mini course for busy women who would love to learn the art of dropping into their grounded energy and cultivating a sense of alignment and flow in their daily lives.

This training has been designed to help you create pockets of tranquillity within the chaos of your hectic days, so that you can maintain a sense of connection to your nourishing feminine energy while balancing the demands of life through your masculine side.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Intro: Introduction to the masculine and feminine energies and how they are linked to our experience of wellbeing and nervous system regulation/dysregulation.

Module 1: Noticing your own triggers and current state (individual blueprint), to map and craft your personal plan for enhanced awareness for when you become physically and emotionally activated, and your inner mean mama voice is particularly loud.

Module 2: A selection of tools and practices to equip yourself and help you stay grounded and balanced when faced with triggers – supporting the harmonisation of masculine and feminine energies.

Module 3: How to integrate these tools and practices and overcome any potential barriers and obstacles that may hinder their implementation.

Learn how to find more balance within your day – how to go from busy and productive to one of restful rejuvenation. In this state, you step out of your head and establish a profound connection with your body.


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Learn to switch from the go, go, go, into your state of ease and flow; to connect with the calm amongst the chaos.